Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Muzzler - Common Sense CD

All the way from Chicago comes The Muzzler with their first CD, called "Common Sense". To be honest it was the first time I ever heard of The Muzzler and when I heard the name I thought of furry animals for some reason, but it's not. The Muzzler is some kind of crossover thrash/punk/core/whatever band, nothing furry about that. "Another crossover thrashcore band?" I hear you think. Well, not really. It's not the 667th "old school thrash" band that happens to sound quite a lot like a hardcore/punk band as well. The Muzzler isn't a copy of any band, to be honest. They take the best ingredients of (thrash)metal, hardcore/punk and grindcore, add some melody, mosh parts and circle pit fun and come out with a very cool mix. It's hard to compare them with other bands, because well... it's quite original. The 10 songs on "Common Sense" keep me interested from start to finish, not a dull moment in this CD and with my attention span being as short as Danny Filth that's quite the achievement! Definitely a nice CD and I wouldn't mind hearing more of these lads! Cool tunes!

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